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Welcome to Renewable Energy Design.
Cooperate to design machines that temporarily divert a tiny fraction of the energy that flows by us every day.
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Renewable Energy Design[]

This place is being worked on by the founder, Archimerged, and Deathgleaner. Others are welcome to use this site for design discussions and notes. Hosting is free except you have to put up with Google ads, the support is good, and there is plenty of bandwidth. I believe there are also relative frequent backups and at least some of these sites get mirrored. LaTeX is enabled for mathematics. Archimerged won't delete stuff that isn't spam and doesn't violate the laws of ther

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Participants of the Renewable Energy Design wikia can collaborate on the detailed engineering design of new or improved methods of capturing energy from renewable sources. This wiki is not intended to produce a codification of existing knowledge. It is a collaborative worksite for solving the global warming peak oil energy crisis problem.

Renewable Energy Design does not yet have a featured article but you can help write one!

The site logo currently is a drawing of part of Submerged Archimedes Screw Heat Engine Air Compressor. Since this site is intended for more than one project, a more general logo would be appropriate. Volunteers are welcome to develop one. Perhaps something related to heat engines in general...

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We take ideas from many sources and analyze them.

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