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BoilerBubble pumpCAD software
CalculationsCompressed air is like the stock market: buy low sell highCompressed air output single expansion tank multiple storage silos
Ericsson cycle engine where nothing big and solid movesEricsson thermodynamic cycle for the submerged screw
Expansion tankGeyser pump
Global Energy Network InitativeGlobal ideas bankGlobal warming
Gravity feed heat pipeHeat pipelineHeat vs. temperature vs. energy
High-pressure compressed airHydrostatic Stirling cycle air compressorImage of ancient Archimedes screw design
Internal kinetic energyIsobaricIsochoric
IsothermalIsothermal bubble pump heat engineIsothermal countercurrent cycle
Isothermal piston ball heat engineJ TubesLow ΔT heat
Maximum pumping headMolecular weight of dry air
No Solid Moving Parts Nearly Reversible Heat EnginePeak oilProperties of a gigawatt
Pulser pumpPumped storage output multiple expansion tanks few reservoirsRenewable Energy 2020
Renewable Energy DesignSite mapSolar
Stirling cycleSubmerged Archimedes Screw Heat Engine Air Compressor
Submerged rotorTemperature vs. entropyTrombe
TrombePumpTrompeUnlimited Energy
WebringWhy Air Gets HotWhy an efficient air compressor matters
Why big budgets for fusion but not for heat engines?Work produced by adiabatic and isothermal expansion of an ideal gas
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