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== Tromp d'oeil: Old fashioned air compression==

== A tromp is an air compressor that uses aerated water under the increasing pressure of falling water from 30 - 300m. When the aerated presurised water reaches the borttom of the shaft it collides with the floor of the plenium or the reservoire is forced out and presurises the air in the reservoire. This presurised air is used to forse water back to the surface and provide a source of pressurized air that can be used for refrigeration, mechanical, or electrical function. In the past it was used in spain and usa in bloomery furnaces. ==

The remains of an era Ragged Chutes , Canada

Here lies the last functioning Tromp or taylor air compressor, C.H. Taylor of Montreal. This technology has no moving parts and therefore cannot be pattented. It was used as a source of energy in many mines, to provide electricity in homes and even power compressed air vehicles.

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