Renewable Energy Design

Archimerged is the author of the Archimedes Submerged blog, and founder of the Renewable Energy Design Wikia. He holds the archimerged username on many sites, reads mail at gmail, and can read and sign messages encrypted with his gpg key (D00D 80B4 A01A 4384 D06E 68D0 1FD0 7DCE 2D9A 4640).

He holds a PhD in Biomolecular Chemistry, but being shy, cannot prove it. Besides, he never did a postdoc and is now retired.

Preferably leave comments on his talk page on this wikia, or send e-mail via this link, via the "E-mail this user" link in the toolbox box in the left column of this page, or to the obvious address at Archimerged has validated his email address and has chosen the preferences item so that edits to his talk page will allegedly result in an email.

The following pages were originally copied from Archimerged's (barely started) blog. They will be edited extensively (and probably reorganized and renamed) but not much is done yet.

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